White Rock Minerals Ltd


Welcome to the White Rock Minerals Ltd (“White Rock”) website. White Rock is an Australian listed minerals exploration company with projects located in northern NSW and central Alaska. White Rock listed on the ASX in October 2010. The White Rock vision is to explore and develop both precious and base metal projects.

White Rock’s cornerstone asset is the Mt Carrington epithermal gold-silver project in northern NSW. The Mt Carrington project has great leverage to the Australian gold and silver prices with a positive scoping study providing a path towards feasibility studies and development in the near term.

White Rock is also exploring the Red Mountain project in Alaska. Red Mountain is a quality advanced VMS project with high grade zinc and silver in two deposits. White Rock is exploring for additional high grade deposits that will enhance the projects leverage to an upturn in the fortunes of zinc and silver.

Breaking News: Placement and Entitlement Offer 

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20161025 Entitlement Offer Extension
20161018 Entitlement Offer Extension
20161010 White Rock Entitlement Offer Booklet
20161010 Entitlement Offer Letter to Nominee Shareholders
20161010 Entitlement Offer Letter to Ineligble Shareholders
20161006 White Rock Completes Placement of $1.655M
20161006 Placement Issue Appendix 3B
20161006 Cleansing Notice
20160928 Cleansing Notice
20160928 Rights Issue Appendix 3B
20160928 Rights Issue Letter To Optionholders
20160928 Rights Issue Letter To Shareholders
20160928 Investor Presentation
20160928 Placement and Entitlement Offer



Current News

20161027 Quarterly Activities Report & Appendix 5B
20161020 WRM Investor Presentation Hong Kong 1-2-1 Mining Conference

20161020 WRM Upside Mining Potential at Mt Carrington

20160930 Appendix 4G

20160930 WRM 30 June 2016 Annual Financial Report

20160926 Trading Halt Request

20160920 Potential Upside Opportunities in Scoping Study Mining Review

20160913 White Rock Identifies Multiple Zinc-Silver VMS Targets at Red Mountain

20160907 White Rock Presents Updated Investor Presentation

20160906 Issue of Shares & Options & Appendix 3B

20160831 Results of General Meeting

20160816 Change in Substantial Shareholding

20160815 White Rock Expands its Red Mountain Zinc-Silver Project footprint

20160809 High Priority Conductivity Targets Identified at Red Mountain

20160801 Appointment of Managing Director App3X

20160729 WRM Notice of Meeting & Proxy Form

20160728 June 2016 Quarterly Report & Appendix 5B

20160721 Issue of Shares & Options & Appendix 3B
20160719 WRM & Cartesian Formalise Subscription Agreement
20160718 New Zinc-Silver Targets at Red Mountain

20160715 Revised WRM Updated Investor Presentation
20160712 ASX Price Query & Response

20160627 WRM signs Transformational Agreement with Cartesian Royalty Holdings
20160617 Revised Statements re Red Mountain Project
20160609 WRM Commences Exploration to Generate new Zinc Targets at Red Mountain
20160517 WRM Exercises Option to Acquire the Red Mountain Project

20160505 Becoming a Substantial Shareholder

20160503 Issue of Shares and Appendix 3B

20160427 March 2016 Qtrly Report and Appendix 5B
20160426 WRM Completes Acquisition of Red Mountain Project
20160426 WRM E& 2 Metals Cease Proposed Transaction

20160422 Issue of Shares and Options and Appendix_3B
20160422 Results of General Meeting

20160419 BRR Media Interviews WRM CEO, Matt Gill at 1-2-1 Mining Investment Conference London
20160418 WRM 1-2-1 Mining Investment Conference London
20160413 Option Issue Appendix 3B
20160406 WRM Mines and Money Asia Presentation
20160405 Research Report on White Rock Minerals

20160329 WRM’s Mt Carrington Updated Scoping Study Delivers Justification for Feasibility Study
20160324 WRM Expands Tenement Position at Red Mountain VMS Project in Alaska
20160323 Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form
20160322 WRM Executes Formal Agreement to Acquire VMS Project in Alaska
20160311 WRM Half Year Accounts 31 Dec 2015
20160229 Issue of Shares Appendix 3B
20160223 ASX Notice under LR 3.10.5 & LR 7.1A.4b
20160223 Issue of Shares Appendix 3B
20160217 Share Placement
20160215 White Rock Minerals Propose to Acquire VMS Project in Alaska
20160212 Trading Halt Request
20160127 December 2015_Qtrly_Report and Appendix 5B
20160125 Becoming a Substantial Shareholder
20160122 WRM and SVL HoA Expires


An online version of White Rock’s 2015 Annual Report is available by clicking this link: 2015 Annual Report to Shareholders